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My name is Jen Farnsworth and I created this site for people like me, who love the outdoors, animals and our amazing Blue Planet.  I also wanted to find a fun and creative way to try to share information and to make a difference. But, I do have a day job too! I am the Director of Corporate Relations at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. In this role, I work with corporations, foundations and other non-profit organizations to help create the best of the best in corporate marketing partnerships and corporate social responsibility programs.

There may be no better place on earth to learn about our blue planet that at an aquarium. The New England Aquarium is no exception, with over 26 thousand species of fish, birds, animals, reptiles and yes, people, inhabitating this Boston waterfront icon, every day brings an new adventure, discovery or challenge - of one sort or another! The Aquarium entertains over 1.3 million visitors every year, and runs the state's largest community environmental-science outreach programs - so, there is always a new story to tell.

Beyond the walls of the Aqaurium, staff lead research and conservation expeditions and scientific missions across the globe.


Our Blue Planet is a place to think about the ways we can all help reduce pollution on our planet, like dedicating ourselves to elimating as much plastic from our lives as possible.  BluBags™ are a fun way to do just that - and at the same time send money to important Blue Planet causes.  This site is also a place to share information and even suggestions for our Blue Planet Super Heroes.  It is also a place to share Blue Planet news, updates and more. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.  Of course, all information on this site represent my views - not those of my employer!