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Congratulations to our Blue Planet Superheroes one person or animal can CHANGE the world!

The spectacular sea turtle!

Sea Turtles: All seven species of sea turtles on earth today are either threatened or endangered.  Plastic ingestion sadly takes many lives every year. Your BluBag™ purchase helps reduce plastic pollution on our planet - and supports the New England Aquarium turtle rehab program that has saved over 500 lives since 1994! 

Meet Dr. Moria Brown

The North Atlantic Right Whale
An amazing animal with an amazing story, and one we might not be able to tell today if not for the extraordinary efforts of people like Dr. Moira Brown and Dr. Scott Kraus of the New England Aquarium.  With just 400 of these majestic animals left on earth today, they all need Blue Planet Superheroes to ensure many more years on our blue planet!

The great horshoe crab!

The Horseshoe Crab:  A true Blue Planet super hero!  These amazing 440 million year old animals help all human-kind with their blue blood medicine!  Your choice to support this super hero, sends money to ERDG a non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to the conservation of the world's four remaining horseshoe crab species.

More Superheroes coming later this week!